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For information and a quote, please e-mail us to mail@carbsonly.con see link at left. Or phone during business hours. Or email or fax. Tell us clearly what you need. All inquiries receive personal attention by our experts, and we always respond, by phone or email, as fast as we can.

Make us your source for all the new carburetors and fuel system components offered by Holley, Redline,Weber and Zenith, for every application these lines cover. We are a factory authorized wholesaler specializing in fuel systems, and we are known for excellent service and competitive prices. Here's just a sampling of the new carburetors we have available. Ask us for the
latest info.

Weber carburetor logo

New Weber
Carburetors & Conversion Kits

New Weber carburetor 45 DCOE click to enlarge

The Weber line is truly extensive. There are over 160 different Redline Weber Conversion Kits, including stock carburetor replacements, performance replacements, and racing carburetors setups, for Jeeps and other off-road vehicles, European and Asian cars and trucks, and certain Domestic models. Plus we have all the new Weber carburetors, and all the rebuild kits, parts and accessories, sold individually. See our Weber section, link at left, then email or call for details.

Street Avengers

Holley carburetor street avemger click to enlarge

Discover the outstanding new Holley Street Avenger series 4-barrels for non-emission stock and street performance engines. Holley's Street Avengers feature all new engineering and terrific design improvements. These are the most tunable 4-barrels on the market, delivering awesome torque, acceleration and top-end horsepower right out of the box. Ask about the new manual choke. Street Avengers

Truck Avenger
Holley carburetor truck avenger click to enlarge

Holley's new Truck Avenger is the first 4-barrel carburetor designed from the ground up for off-road performance. Awesome throttle response and low speed torque. Great performance at extreme vehicle angles, and over rough terrain. A real winner on the street, too. For trucks and other off-road vehicles. The new 470 CFM Truck Avenger is perfect for small V-8 engine and in line sixes. Check this out!

Holley lorider

Low-rider Avenger

Holley carburetor Low rider click to enlarge

The holley Low-rider Avenger is a uniquely designed 4-barrel carburetor that has the needs of the Low-rider builder in mind. Besides appearance --- it's great looking, with extra chrome --- this Holley handles the "bouncing" that is typical in low-rider Car Shows while delivering awesome throttle response and low end torque.

Holley carbuetor logo
Holley Universal
Performance Carburetors
Holley carburetor 0-80457S click to enlarge
These carburetors are called "universal" because they'll fit so many non-emissions applications. Many different 2-barrel & 4-barrel Holley's are available. Let us help you pick the one that's best for your application.
Holley caburetor logo
Holley Stock
Replacement Carburetors
Holley carburetor 3419 performance click toenlarge

Holley offers an extensive line of their popular stock replacement 4-barrel carburetors for "non-computer" Domestic cars and trucks with V-8 engines. Most of these carbs are 50-state legal, for later model emissions-controlled vehicles. For current availability, please email or phone.

Holley mauscle carburetor logo New Holley O.E.
Muscle Car Carburetors
Holley carbureto muscle for corvette or camaro click to enlarge

Enthusiasts are pleased that we can still offer some of Holley's famous muscle carbs for late 60's Chevy's . These carbs are produced with the original O.E. numbers, and current manufacturing dates. Email or call for current availability.

HOlley carburetor logo
New Holley
Racing Carburetors
Holley carburetor racing application click to enlarge
Holley's legendary line-up of 2-barrel and 4-barrel racing carburetors always leads the pack, in drag racing, circle track, super speedway and road racing. Call us to discuss your needs.
carter carburetro logo Carter AFB
Performance Carburetors
New Carter AFB carburetor

Carter AFB's are widely known for reliability and easy tuning, and they have a great following. Call or email us to check out a Carter for your GM or Chrysler car or truck with a V-8 engine

zenith carburetor logo
Zenith Carburetors
Zenith Carburetor. Click to enlarge.
Many of the Zenith carburetors are still available, for industrial and farm equipment, and marine applications. The Zenith line also includes all of there the Marvel-Schebler replacements, plus all the available rebuild kits and parts. Let us know your needs. We'll try to help.
Glass bowl carburetor
Replacement carburetor for1904-1908
model with adjustable jet
Replacement carburetor click to enlarge

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