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Truck Avenger
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Holley's new Truck Avenger is the first 4-barrel designed from the "flange-up" as an off-road carburetor. No other carburetor comes close to the Truck Avenger's performance at extreme angles over rough terrain, and it's awsome stump-pulling, trailer-towing, mud-bogging low speed torque and throttle response. So check out these features. Then install a "No Trouble" Holley Truck Avenger for the time of your life, whether it's off-road, or on highways and city streets.

Exclusive new metering block eliminates fuel spillover through the boosters at extreme angles. Flood-free operation up to 40 degrees while climbing, and 30 degrees during side hill maneuvers and "nose down" descents. This means off-roading in confidence without the annoying hesitations, stalling and flooding often associated with carburetors in an off-road environment.

One piece vent tube eliminates fuel spillover from the vent tubes during extreme maneuvers. Looks tough and works tough.
New annular boosters provide awesome low and mid-range torque and throttle response, on-call when you want it.

External float adjustments, with sight plugs. Easy on-truck adjustment. Adjustable floats, with clear sight plugs, and spring loaded needles and seats, help deliver stable fuel levels for improved fuel control under all conditions.

Square fuel bowls provide precise fuel control and maintain classic Holley look.

Single fuel inlet banjo fitting, for "bolt & go" simplicity. Has new Viton fuel transfer tube seals for no-leak operation.

Adjustable vacuum secondaries, with quick-change cap.

Adjustable electric choke for cleaner, smoother warm-ups. Factory calibrated, with range identified and restricted for easy on-vehicle adjustment. Has fitting for heat tube.

Generation IV power valve, with million mile blowout protection.

Four vacuum ports, for PCV, vacuum advance, power brakes, and vacuum accessories.

Lifetime limited warranty.

The Holley Truck Avenger is specified for non-pollution controlled V-8 engines. The Ford A/T kickdown is included. Each package contains an installation kit with base gasket, air cleaner stud, electric choke wire and secondary spring.


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