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HOlley street avenger

Street Avengers

Holley carburetor truck Advenger

Holley's new Street Avengers are the first true performance carburetors that are designed, dyno tested, highway proven and calibrated especially for street performance. Check out the features, then install a Street Avenger 4-barrel, for awesome torque and acceleration, better throttle response, and unmatched top-end horsepower. These "No Trouble" Holley carbs are street-ready right out of the box.

Adjustable vacuum secondaries. Tuneable from mild to wild. Quick change. Select the setting for street performance, high performance or fuel economy.
Adjustable electric choke for cleaner, smoother warm-ups. Factory calibrated, with range identified and restricted for easy on-vehicle adjustment. Has fitting for heat tube.
External float adjustment, with sight plugs. Easy on-vehicle adjustment. Range restricted for "No Trouble" enjoyment.
New Street Avenger fuel metering system. Precise dual-feed fuel metering for awesome low end torque, acceleration and top-end horsepower. Air and fuel idle tuneable for the ultimate in preformance. Close limit jetting. 100% wet flowed by skilled craftsmen.
Generation IV power valve, with million mile blowout protection.
Four vacuum ports, for PCV, vacuum advance, power brakes, and vacuum accessories.
Built-in secondary fuel filters. Sintered brass filters in primary and secondary fuel bowls, assuring cleaner operation.
Holley zinc castings are more stable, and less susceptible to performance changes due to heat built-up, compared to aluminum castings.
Lifetime limited warranty.
Holley Street Avengers are specified for non-pollution controlled V-8 engines. These carburetors come in four sizes, rated according to engine horsepower: Stock - 300HP, 300 - 400 HP, 400 - 500 HP and 500+ HP. The Ford A/T kickdown lever is included. Each package contains an installation kit with base gasket, fuel fittings, fuel line and clamps, air cleaner stud, electric choke wire and secondary springs.


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