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Weber redline

The Original REAL WEBER CARBURETORS are back The rumors are not true The real and original WEBER CARBURETORS ARE STILL AVAILABLE There is only one WEBER any thing else is less than the real deal

New Weber carburetors IDF, DCOE, IDA, 32/36 DGEV, DCNF

Weber red;line carburetors

"The Original "

Conversion for Jeep 258
W/2bl Carter BBD 78 on

Redline supplies a complete range of applications as a direct replacement. All carburetors provide full-scale drivability for performance, economy or off road rock climbing. Redline Weber kits add horsepower and torque. Redline Weber offers a full range of conversions with manual choke or easy start auto choke.

K551M - K551 - K551-38 THE REAL DEAL!!!!!!!!

Weber carburetor

The Original Weber conversion kits use ONLY original Weber Carburetors

Do not settle for Alternatives, Replacements or Solex Carburetors disguised as Weber.

Redline developed the first Jeep conversion. No other matches our quality and direct bolt on functionality under all driving conditions. Redline Weber's experience in developing quality, performance driven kits is second to none. Others have attempted to copy our product and complete package but none equal our value, performance and technical support.

REDLINE has conversions packages for the complete range of Jeep Applications

K551M Weber carburetor hand choke

Using the progressive 32/ 36 DGV manual choke carburetor Redline offers the,


The manual choke conversion offers simple, reliable functionality at an affordable price. Features a manual choke for simplicity, Flexibility and convenience.

Weber logo carburetor Jeep carburetor Weberweber logo

Available accessories and air filter adapters to maintain OEM filter conversion, or high flow washable filters to improve air flow and filtration quality.

A full range of accessories to upgrade your conversion

New Weber carburetor  on Jeep engine

There are cheaper conversions but only Redline Weber gets it right the first time every time. Be confidant, Redline Weber is the real deal.

Conversion kits from mild to wild. 32/36 DGEV progressive to the "Outlaw" 38 DGAS ONLY genuine WEBER CARBURETORS are in Redline kits.

Weber carburetor 32/36 DGAV

K551M 32/36 DGV Manual choke conversions, original Weber
Kits come complete with base calibration set up for street or trail use.
Kit also includes choke cable and dash mount for easy installation.
Available accessories include.
Jet pac for ideal calibration for fuel changes or Altitude variation
10" high flow washable full breather super flow filters.
Air filter adapter kit to help maintain the OEM air filter and emissions system set up.

Jeep carburetor

K551 32/36 DGEV Progressive Electric Choke, Original Weber
The Original reliable Weber auto choke unit for quicker starting and faster warm up. Improved fuel economy, and replacement performance. The best compromise of performance and economy
Ideal for keeping the OEM choke function for cold start drivability and easy start ups in all weather. Available accessories include Jet pac for ideal calibration for fuel changes or Altitude variation
10” high flow washable full breather super flow filters.
Air filter adapter kit to help maintain the OEM air filter and emissions system set up.

Weber carburetor jeep kit

K551-38 38 DGAS Total Performance with Electric choke,
Original Weber
This kit is the total performance package.
Best torque for real jeep off road action, no lose of fuel economy. Economy good as OE new.
The absolute best package for the real trail jeep with lift and large tires the torque and hp to handle any situation and any hill or climb,
The complete range of accessories and upgrades.
Each kit is calibrated to work out of the box.

Weber carburetor logo

Our business is built on a foundation of quality, service and integrity.

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