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For information and a quote, please e-mail us to see link at left. Or phone during business hours. Or email or fax. Tell us clearly what you need. All inquiries receive personal attention by our experts, and we always respond, by phone or email, as fast as we can.

BFIC is an independent, factory-authorized wholesaler, and a well-equipped rebuilder with many years' experience. Since 1965 we have specialized in carburetors, fuel injectors and other fuel system components. All facets of our business are housed at a single complex, making it easy for us to share information, test equipment and expertise.

Major product lines include Holley, Weiand, Hooker, Earl's, Redline Weber, Offenhauser, Clifford Performance and Zenith, plus a world class roster of quality-focused remanufacturers, and the original equipment component manufacturers that are tops in our field.

In rebuilding, we work on nearly all carburetor brands and types, for gasoline-powered motor vehicles, in-board marine, and industrial and farm applications. We'll also rebuild most electronic fuel injectors, and throttle bodies for carburetors and TBI fuel injection systems.

We proudly supply individual and trade customers in the U.S. and throughout the world, with a dedication to quality, service and integrity.

We appreciate hearing from our customers, especially when we've done things right. And when there are problems, it is our policy to try to solve them, quickly and fairly. Here's just a sampling of the praise notes that some of our customers have sent to us:

"Obviously high quality workmanship." AP - Massachussets

"Thank you very much. My car is running great." JM - Los Angeles

"This email is to thank you for your efficient handling of my order." CP -- pickup owner in Panama.

"You have a first class operation." BW - Pennsylvania

"Thanks again for your service; now it is purring like a kitten." JH - San Diego

"Awsome!" LW - Connecticut

"I appreciate your sense of professionalism and honesty." SC - Northern Cal.

"It was very, very nice for me." AS - country of Turkey.

"Thank you for all your help. You are a class act." CRF - No. Carolina

"Thanks for taking the time to get me set up with the right carburetor for the boat." JB - Michigan

"Order arrived today. Great service." TL - Great Britain

"The carb is really good. Runs strong and sounds great." JC - Georgia

"Thank you for such a beautiful, well performing carb." AG - Vermont

"Thank you for your prompt and efficient service. It fixed all his problems." ME - Australia

"The info dignifies your professionalism and quality service." AG - Texas

"It appears to me that the carb was meticulously rebuilt." RM - Indiana

"Top RPM (marine engine) jumped from 3600 to 4500, right on target." TS - Virginia

"Fine to work with you. My car will be on the road again this weekend." GK - Belgium

"Thank you again for your attention in helping me sort out this problem. WS - So. California


Our business is built on a foundation of quality, service and integrity.

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