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For information and a quote, please e-mail us to see link at left. Or phone during business hours. Or email or fax. Tell us clearly what you need. All inquiries receive personal attention by our experts, and we always respond, by phone or email, as fast as we can.

We're proud to offer excellent quality remanufactured carburetors, at attractive prices. We have remanufactured and rebuilt carbs available for most cars and trucks --- Domestic, Asian and some European models. Let our experts help select the right carb for your needs. We support most brands, including:

Rochester carburetor Reman 1969 GTO Pontiac click to enlarge • Holley • Ford • Hitachi
• Carter • Mikuni • Nikki
• Rochester • Aisan • Stromberg
• Autolite • Keihin • Weber
• Motorcraft • Honda • Zenith

Here are some reasons why our quality excels:

Carburetor Ford 1100 model click to enlarge
Stock carburetor 1Bl motorcraft For 1965 to 67 With auto choke 170-200 eng.
Holley model 1940 carburetor
Holley carburetor 1bl Holley Model 1940 with auto choke can be use for 1965 - 1969 mustang, with 170 and 200 eng.
Willy carter carburetor click to enlarge
  • Willys Cater carburetor model YF carbureror number 938 4cl universal with hand choke
Jeep Carter Carburetor DJ series Click to Enlarge
Stock replacement carburetors are built to the original manufacturers' specifications. This means they are correct for stock vehicles, and they qualify as Original Equipment in the many areas where O.E. is necessary in order to meet regulations.

Rochester carburetor computer control click to enlarge
Our Rochesters have fully re-bushed main throttle shafts. Plus the computer-controlled "electronic" models have guranteed Mixture Control Solenoids, Throttle Position Sensors and new choke thermostats, for superior performance and reliability.
Carter carburetor termoquad click to enlarge
Our Carter Thermo Quads.
Carter carburetor BBD CJ7 258 eng click to enlarge

Our 2-barrel Carter BBD's for computer-controlled Jeeps are built with remanufactured feedback solenoids, or "stepper motors." These solenoids are not available new. Ours are tested and guaranteed, helping assure the best Jeep carb available.

Mikuni carburetor click to enlarge
The Asian brand carburetors include Mikunis, Keihins for Hondas, Aisans, Hitachis and Nikkis. These carburetors are usually very complex. Ours are built with the greatest experience and expertise available, for superior quality and customer satisfaction.
Holley carburetor Govener clic to enlarge
Our governor carburetors for commercial trucks are built to the highest standards for quality and reliability. Two-barrel and four-barrel cores in stock, along with some finished Holleys and Rochesters.
  • Our Reman TBI Injection, test  clean and check the pressure on injectors, test electronics

The remanufactured carburetors we sell are guaranteed for 12 months against defects in materials and workmanship. See "FAQ's" for details.

Most remanufactured carburetors are sold on a "core exchange" basis. A refundable core deposit is usually required. Go to "FAQ's" for more info.

Over the past few years we have supplied carburetors, rebuild kits and other fuel system parts for most makes of cars and trucks on the planet, including:

• Acura • AMC • Aston Martin • Audi • Austin • Austin Healey • Avanti • BMW • British Ford • Buick • Cadillac • Checker • Chevrolet • Chevy Truck • Chrysler • Dodge • Dodge Truck • Datsun • DeSoto • Edsel • Ferarri • Fiat • Ford • Ford Truck • Geo • GMC • Honda • Hudson • Hyundai • International • Isuzu • Jaguar • Jeep • Kaiser • Lincoln • Lotus • Mazda • Mazda Truck • Mercedes Benz • Mercury • MG • Mitsubishi • Mitsubishi Truck • Nissan • Nissan Truck • Oldsmobile • Opel • Packard • Pantera • Plymouth • Pontiac • Porsche • Shelby • Studebaker • Subaru • Suzuki • Toyota • Toyota Truck • Triumph • VW • Volvo • Willys • Yugo. If your vehicle is not listed here, be sure to ask.

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Our business is built on a foundation of quality, service and integrity.

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