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For decades we have been helping customers throughout the world. In rebuild kits we cover nearly all Domestic, Asian and European carburetor brands and models, for cars and trucks, inboard marine applications, and industrial and farm equipment. Domestic kit coverage goes back to about 1930.

Rebuild Kits. Click to enlarge. • Holley • Mikuni • Weber
• Carter • Aisan • Solex
• Rochester • Keihin • Stromberg
• Autolite • Honda • SU
• Motorcraft • Hitachi • Edelbrock
• Ford • Nikki • Zenith
• Ball & Ball • Dellorto • Marvel-Schebler

In repair and rebuild parts, we work from our own large inventory. We also have a world class vendor network, so we can usually help. Here's just a sampling:

Solenoid MCS TPS and more electronic parts for carburetors • Brand new electronic components, like Mixture Control Solenoids (MCS's), Throttle Position Sensors (TPS's) and Idle Control Solenoids for "computer-controlled" carburetors are in-stock and ready to ship.
Holley carburetors fuel bowl throttle shafts choke thermopstats floats accelator pumps blocks
• Everything new for Holleys, including new throttle bases, throttle shafts, metering blocks, fuel bowls, jets and power valves

Choke & Miscellaneous Parts. Click to enlarge • Choke thermostats and conversions, and jets and diaphragms, for most carburetor brands,
carburetor parts • For Webers, parts for repairs, parts for tuning, accessories, plus the latest "Tuning Manual" that's great for the serious Weber fan.
spacers holley rochester carter weber Carburetor mounting adapters, spacers, heat baffle plates and insulators.
Throttle bushing connector click to enlarge
  • Throttle bushing and gromet connector for any Holley, Carter, Rochester or any chevy linkage carburetors
carburetor studs
  • Carburetor studs 1 3/8' , 1 5/8', 2'
hHolley carburetor fuel bowl model 4180
  • Holley carburetor fuel bowls 4180 model with gasket N/seat and accl pump


Our business is built on a foundation of quality, service and integrity.

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