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Off-road carburetors face a tough set of challenges. Usually they go to work way off the pavement, maybe over rocks rough terrain and steep angles, and sometimes in mud or sand. Then there are the carbs that have to perform at high altitudes, say over 7,000 feet. So whether you've got a Jeep, a 4WD truck, a Land Cruiser, a Range Rover, a sand rail or any number of other vehicles, we can help you get it running right when it goes off-road, to high altitudes, or both. Here's a rundown:

weber logo Redline Weber Conversion Kits New weber K551 jeep kit

Webers are great for off-road, because then can handle really extreme angles, they add major torque and horsepower, and they're very tunable. Unlike most stock carbs that starve for fuel when it's steep, the Webers are pretty much unaffected. They'll squirt at nearly any angle, with no flat spots. We have Conversion Kits for 4 and 6-cylinder Isuzus, Jeeps, Nissans, Mazdas, Mitsubishis, Subarus, Suzukis, Toyotas, VWs and many others, plus all the parts and accessories.

truck avenger
Truck Avenger
Holley Carburetor Truck Avenger

Holley's new Truck Avenger is the first 4-barrel carburetor designed from the ground up for off-road performance. Awesome throttle response and low speed torque. Great performance at extreme vehicle angles, and over rough terrain. A real winner on the street, too. The new 470 CFM Truck Avenger is perfect for small V-8 engines and in line sixes. Check this out!

Holley carburetor off road
Holley Rebuilds
Cartre BBD carbuertor Jeep CJ7
We rebuild 2-barrel and 4-barrel Holleys for off-road performance, and for high altitude. Either we'll supply the core, or you can send us yours. A great option for high altitude is a Holley Adjust-A-Jet on a model 2300, or a 4150 or 4160. Then the main fuel metering can be recalibrated from outside the carb, easily, without removing or disassembling the carburetor. We also support 2-barrel and other 4-barrel carburetors on in-line motors, and we have the right intakes and headers for these applications.
Rochesrer carburetor performance
Performance Rochesters
Each of our remanufactured Rochester Performance Quads and 2G's is custom-built for the engine and the application. Features can include off-road and high-altitude performance, on request.

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